Looqin in a nutshell

Get all the tools you need to nurture the talent of every individual, as well as of the whole group, through deep learning; and achieve the best possible performance. Here is how we do this:

Two screenings for all pupils

Through two screenings, you can chart wellbeing, engagement, competencies and performance for every pupil. You do this via a simple five-point scale.

Twee screenings

Clear overview of the group

The summary of the screenings is simple, giving you a clear overview of your whole group at a glance. This picture is a first invitation for self-reflection by the teacher.

Track 1 tour

Take a look around Looqin (currently only available in Dutch)


A wide range of interventions

At Looqin, you find a database with a wide range of intervention options to help you take (preventive) action. This enables you to instantly increase the learning gain of the group and its individual members.

A file for every pupil

You can chart extra attention given to children on each pupil’s individual page. Looqin offers nine observation tools for this. So you, the teacher, get to choose the appropriate tools yourself.


Track 2 tour

Take a look around Looqin (currently only available in Dutch)


Individual plan

All information from an observation form is collected in a concrete target/action point list.
An ideal overview in preparation for a parent-teacher conference, for instance.


Looqin offers the option to document all group and personal observations, screenings, reports and parent-teacher conference notes, whether you record these daily, weekly or periodically.



  • Gross motor skills
  • Linguistic competence
  • Abstract/logical thinking
  • Social competence
  • Fine motor skills
  • Autonomy
  • Understanding of the social world
  • Understanding of the physical world
  • Artistic expression
  • Musical expression
  • Self-confidence
  • Relatedness
With Looqin, you have the option to add any competencies and performance details you may require.

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